Organic Elderberry Syrup - Pressed Fresh, Ships Monthly

Orders are Open! We close orders monthly the LAST wednesday of the month, fresh press our berries; ship out the FIRST monday of the month.

Each month, we make a fresh new batch of American elderberry syrup. New orders will be shipped on the first Monday of each month!

We’re proud to share that our elderberries are organic, fresh, never dehydrated or freeze-dried, locally grown on our Organic Farm outside of Columbus Ohio, and never imported, ensuring you never lose any nutrient efficacy or density.

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  • Pure Ingredients

    Our fresh organic elderberries are sourced locally from a small farm in Morrow, Ohio and are never dehydrated so we don't lose any precious nutrients. Our spices are brewed whole - not ground - for the highest quality end-product we can make for you and your family.

  • Always Fresh

    Our product is made fresh to order monthly. Each month, we fresh press our berries so we never have to add preservatives to make our syrup shelf stable. Refrigerate upon arrival to your door!

  • Small Batch

    Our monthly fresh, small batch orders allow us to use seasonal raw honey that reflects the natural flavors of the season. We also feature a seasonal ingredient in each batch to optimize the health benefits.

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