• How much does your Elderberry Syrup Cost?

    Since we are a Private Membership Association, we only sell to members so we do require a one time fee of $10 for your membership. Beyond that, our fresh-pressed American Elderberry Syrup is $50 per jar. You may purchase a mason jar pour spout, sample size syrups, elderberry tea and spout cleaning brushes in our shop as well! *COMING SOON* to our shop are Monthly Subscriptions so you don't have to remember to order each month!

  • Should I be concerned if my syrup arrives room temperature?

    Various studies have concluded that elderberry syrups without preservatives can remain safe for anywhere from 5-7 days while at room temperature. We have formed a special partnership with UPS to provide the most reliable shipping out there even though it costs us a bit more on the back end. Our regular shipping rates get our syrups to about 60% of the US within 3 days or less and to the entire US within 5 days or less.

    For Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska, we will eat the cost on expedited shipping to ensure all order arrive within 5 days or less. Our elderberry is made with luscious raw honey and organic maple syrup, both some of natures best natural preservationists to get our syrups where they’re going safely. Our ingredient list does not provide an environment for harmful bacteria to grow within our shipping window. Upon arrival, be sure to pop your elderberry in to the refrigerator (after taking a swig of course!)

  • I’m watching my blood sugar, can I consume elderberry syrup?

    The elderberries themselves are very low on the glycemic index, but our syrup does contain raw honey and maple syrup. Always consult your practitioner to make the best choice for you! Interestingly, studies have shown that when sweeter foods are consumed after eating a meal of fiber, proteins and fats, the blood sugar spike is drastically reduced to a spike within normal range (less than 30 point jump). Read more in Glucose Revolution.

    We prefer for our family to consume the 1 tbsp of elderberry for adults, 1-2 tsps for Kids, after a balanced breakfast, eaten fiber first, then proteins, then fats, then carbs or starches. Studies have shown that elderberry may also help with insulin resistance and balancing blood sugar, but we encourage you to research on your own for the best decision for your health.

    Coming this holiday season, we will offer Fresh Elderberry make-at-home kits for you and your family to enjoy making syrup together or gifting this experience to a friend, allowing you to add your own sweetness or to avoid it all together.

  • How long will my Elderberry stay fresh?

    I’ll answer this in a few categories. Unrefrigerated, elderberry syrup can be out for up to 7 days, but we don’t push it beyond 5 days just to be safe. In your refrigerator, it can lasts about 4 months and possibly even longer, but we recommend consuming refrigerated elderberry syrup within 3 months just to be safe.

    It also helps if you keep it on a shelf vs. on the door so it stays consistently cool. In your freezer, elderberry has shown to retain its nutrients potency for 6 months and at that point it doesn’t go “bad”, but rather it’s efficacy starts to diminish - very similar concept to breastmilk. it never goes bad when frozen, but loses it’s potency.

  • What dosage should I consume?

    While I certainly cannot offer medical advice, I’ll share what research has shown as beneficial. Adults consume 1 tbsp per day, children/teens consume 2 tsps per day, toddlers and below at parents discretion can consume 1 tsp per day.

    Our elderberry does contain raw honey so be aware of that for infants. You can always request a Maple Syrup only (honey free/vegan) elderberry syrup by adding and Ingredient Change add on to your cart at check out. Given the anecdotal (since we can’t claim anything) evidence of immune modulation the elder berry offers, if someone in the household is sick, you can give the daily dosage 3x per day to help shorten the length of illness.

    Again, these claims are not supported by the FDA and are for educational purposes only.

  • Why the new site?

    Since launching our store, our mission has always been to provide the best products and experience for our community of members at the most affordable rate.

    With the launch of our new site, we're able to share the benefits and uniqueness of our products with more visitors while also helping our members save on shipping.

    The new site also gives us the flexibility to grow our offerings while giving you more options to order and pay.

  • I was a member on the old site - do I have to buy another membership?

    No! Just go through the process of creating an account on our new platform and we'll connect it to your previous membership.

    After creating your new account, you can revisit the site anytime using the login you setup during this registration process!

  • Okay, I did that but it still says I'm not a member. Now what?

    We apologize for this inconvenience. It's possible you may be using a different email that is associated with your membership. Just send us a message and we'll work quickly to get this straightened out. Thanks for your patience during this migration!

  • I'm not a member - why should I become one?

    Our shop is a members-only shop (like Costco or Sam's Club). This allows us to offer the best ingredients in the freshest way while building a community of families who are investing in their health.

  • How do I become a member and how long is the membership good for?

    Becoming a member is easy! Just purchase a membership for $10 and you'll have access to all of our products, our community, and more - for life!

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